Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vincent Van Shroom

Looks more like Picasso. That's quite a masterpiece. He has a few more to go.


Wow! Those guys are quite pumped about the New Year. No mistaking the day with that clock. Careful, or you'll step on those mushrooms.

The Mushroom Parade

This has a real psychedelic feel to it, in my opinion. It has a bit of everything thrown in - birds, clovers, mushrooms, insects, horse shoes, an oak tree. I don't see any mistletoe.

I Know That Guy

This is the most Santa-esque elf I have. He does appear to be collecting mushrooms along with four leaf clovers and even a horse shoe. Mushroom collection and delivery service: the "real" Santa.

Do I Get an Organ With That?

I got this one because of its date, 1883. That is about 18 years after Alice in Wonderland came out. I would be interested in whether anyone has anything dated before 1865? Or did Lewis Carroll start a revival of mushroom fascination? In any case this is about a quarter of the size of a postcard, so not much of a special gift to get with your organ.

When Pigs Fly

Another with a pig and a goose as well. This has a different feel to it and, interestingly, is specifically "XMAS", rather than New Year. I like it, even though it is a little different.

Hey, I'm Riding Shotgun

Pigs (or boar) were a big part of the pagan solstice and that carried on to current day Christmas ham. That is one long pipe that guy is smoking. Note again the four leaf clovers.

Psychedelic Flute

This has a more playful, Spring feel to it. The artist is a woman, I believe (Marja deRuyter). The flute player appears to be playing along with the bird, while the caterpillars and flowers dance. The scene has a 'communing with nature" feel to it for me.

The Tramp Arrives Bearing Fruit

That would certainly be an unusual gift! I'd love to read his card. This is more of a cartoonish quality of artwork, but I like the look on the guy's face. Hope the mistletoe helps.

What a Lovely Hat, Madame

This is one of the few cards that have women depicted and they seem rather shy, despite their boisterous psychedelic mushroom hats. Note the little one off to the right, smothered by his hat and a few more in the background. Again, they are near the symbiotic evergreen.

Oak Tree You're in My Way

This one seems more innocent and childlike. The red-clad elf appears rather Santa-esque, however, complete with a polkadot top that mimics the Mushroom. They are all smoking pipes, a common theme. I believe that is mistletoe at the bottom of the (presumably) oak tree. The oak tree had deep significance in nordic paganism, representing the tree of life, but then again, maybe this just a big tree. The candle is quite luminescent.

Ding Dong

Note the bell is hanging from and upside down mushroom, which also serves conveniently as a candle holder. You can check on e-bay and find a lot of mushroom Christmas ornaments. I'm guessing that they used the real thing at one point in time. Again, the mushrooms do grow symbiotically with evergreens. Note also the four leaf clovers. I imagine they had more than just "good luck" symbolism at some point. Anyone know?

More Insects

Okay, this one is a bit more childlike and cute, but still kind of terrifying.

Jimminy Cricket!

Interesting scale, with the elf not much bigger than a cricket. I am reminded of an insect like creature I caught a glimpse of during an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Nature Walk

This one has a touch of Spring in the air. What kind of bird is that? Note again, the four leaf clovers. I googled and see that clovers had special significance to the Druids, and four leaf clovers were worn as charms to "ward off evil spirits."
Fly Agaric Mushrooms tend to grow symbiotically with evergreens, like the one the bird is perched upon while singing.


The guy on the mushroom is looking rather serene as he adjusts his pipe. Note the four leaf clovers, a common theme in these postcards. The "New Year" cards seem more psychedelic than the Christmas ones. Presumably, at one time the winter solstice and new year were one and the same thing. Anyone know what the flowers are on the archway? And to quote Bob Marley "What you got in that hollow bag right there? What'd you say you got?"