Saturday, November 8, 2008


The guy on the mushroom is looking rather serene as he adjusts his pipe. Note the four leaf clovers, a common theme in these postcards. The "New Year" cards seem more psychedelic than the Christmas ones. Presumably, at one time the winter solstice and new year were one and the same thing. Anyone know what the flowers are on the archway? And to quote Bob Marley "What you got in that hollow bag right there? What'd you say you got?"

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-SB- said...

These guys look most like the gnome I was "visited" by once on mushrooms many moons ago. Older & wiser, with more character & large broad noses. Can't remember if he had a beard or not though. If he did it must have been shortish, with the majority of his face clean shaven.

Nice postcard collection!